Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Golden Moments

Seems as if it's been a long time since I've gotten a project finished and listed to my Etsy shop. I've been in kind of a beading slump after I finished my last EBW challenge piece. So for inspiration, I visited my beadroom stash and found just the thing to spark some creativity. I'd bought these green and gold glass beads at a cool little bead store my sister and I found when we went on a shopping trip together recently. It was such a fun day and although my sister doesn't bead (she's a quilter) I think she had as much fun helping me pick out beads as I did. At the same store, we found some gold seed beads with a smooth, burnished finish that went with the larger green and gold so well. I don't work with gold very often, being a diehard silver wearer, but these beads struck a chord.

Then it was on to my library of beading books for some design ideas because I wanted to do something different than my usual spiral or herringbone. I pulled out a book I've had for a while on beading with brick stitch and remembered I'd gotten some cool ideas from it in the past. Sure enough, as I leafed through it, I saw a piece with little diamond shaped links between beads. So how about for some interest, I graduate the size of the links. But as I put it together, it seemed too blah and I got the idea to open up the diamonds, making them the same green and gold as the glass beads. Things were shaping up nicely at that point. Then I found three pendants in a baggie at a yard sale. One was silver and pearl, one a black and white acrylic and one a gold spiral diamond. I actually bought the bag for the silver one but when I got them home I realized the gold one was a perfect match to my green and gold necklace. So through a series of rather serendipitous events, I arrived at that golden moment when everything came together and Voila!.......