Monday, March 7, 2011

Now You See It. Now You Don't

I was on a roll this weekend.  I listed four new items to my Etsy shop, which to do so in one weekend, is an incredible feat for me.   All four pieces were ones I just made up last week and I was excited to be able to get them listed so quickly. 

Two of my goals for my shop this spring are to add some lower priced items and to start a bridal section.  The four listings this weekend were a step in that direction.  One necklace and bracelet coordinate and would make a lovely bridal set.  With their listings, I went ahead and set up my wedding section and now have 5 items in that section.  The other necklace and bracelet coordinated as well and were by far my favorite of the two sets.  I had found this delightful turquoise enamel on copper cross and designed the set for it.  I used one of my all time favorite stitches, a flat spiral for both the necklace and bracelet.  I just love the texture of this stitch!  For me, it works up quickly, thus helping to keep cost down.   And if done just right, it can become a reversible stitch.  That is exactly what I did with it.  Worn one way, the set is copper with a hint of turquoise and worn the other, it's turquoise with a hint of copper.  I also made it so the cross pendant will slip off the chain, adding to the piece's versatility.  The bracelet seemed to call for a little more substance, so I joined two rows of the spiral together to make a luxuriously textured cuff.  This was, in my opinion, one of the prettiest sets I've done in a while.  Can you tell how enthused I am over them?  So enthused, that I just had to take them in to my office today for "show and tell".  My co-workers seem to be just amazed by my work.  They all think I am this hugely talented artist and are just awed by my artistry.  (At least, that's how they make me feel and who am I to correct them?!)  Anyway, after a co-worker commented on how much she liked them, I had to demonstrate how wonderfully versatile the two pieces are.  Then a second co-worker asked how much I had them listed for and when I told her, she wanted to know if she could just buy them now.  Let's see.  Cash sale or asking her to buy through the shop?  I'd lose the 40 cent listing fee but not have to pay the other fees.  Okay.  Cash sale.  Funny thing is, my buyer told me she really doesn't buy much jewelry for herself but she was just absolutely taken by this set and had to have it.  My kind of buyer!!

So for those who hearted my turquoise and copper pieces yesterday after I listed them, I apologize that they were gone so quickly.  Guess maybe in the future, when I have something I feel such enthusiasm for, I should take it to my day job for show and tell before I list it!!