Sunday, August 8, 2010

Change of Pace

The end of September is just not that far away.  I have two fall craft shows back to back coming up.  The first is Cider Days,  the last weekend in September and the next is Pumpkin Patch, the first weekend in October.  It will be virtually impossible to replace inventory between the two shows (and I do hope that will be a necessity!), so I'm working furiously to get enough made up to cover four days.  My beadweaving and jewelry designs are something I work on all year around, but my floral designs are much more seasonal.

I absolutely love creating fall florals.  It has to be my favorite season.  Fall colors are so rich, so glorious.  There's nothing timid about the brilliant rusts, golds, crimsons and purples.  Here's a few of my favorite designs I've gotten made up so far.

I think this is one of the best antler wreaths I've ever made.
Found this sunflower vase at a yard sale.
Isn't this pumpkin vase great?!  Another yard sale find.
I love to work with grapes and this old wine gift box said "Take me home"!
My favorite!  This used to be a two-tiered plate holder.

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