Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ain't It a Kick!

Google Analytics is the big buzz right now in the Etsy world. Like many, I'm still finding my way around the site but it appears to have many capabilities and many possibilities for use. I'm a bit technologically challenged so it may take me a while to sort it all out and figure out what all that data means for me and my shop. But right now, it's fun to see how many hits both my Etsy and my Artfire shops are getting, how people get to them, what they look at, and where they are from. The "where they are from" part has been the biggest kick for me so far. Even though I know that I'm on the World Wide Web, it remains mind-boggling to me that someone in the Ukraine, for example, would take the time to look or even care what I have listed in my shops. It's been a refresher geography course too, matching names to points on the map and vice versa. And it makes me think about the people those points represent. I wonder why they looked at that particular item. Are they looking for a birthday gift or just something for themselves? Are they having a good day? Are they like me and struggling with the finances or are they wealthy and can buy whatever they want? You know, just ordinary stuff about ordinary people. Or, maybe not so ordinary people. Ain't it a kick?!

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