Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Whale Tale

The January-February EBW challenge theme is Tropical Holiday. Melody of salamanderhouse made a cuff featuring whale tails that is just wonderful. I commented on it in our forum posts and told her I had had an up close and personal experience once with a whale. She posted back that she would like to hear the story. So I thought, why not just blog it. Here it is, Melody, you asked for it. :)

Actually, it was probably one of those "you had to be there" kind of moments, but it has stuck with me for years and I will probably never forget it. In the early 90's, back in my "golden family years" we took a vacation to Oregon. This was pre-divorce, kids were all still in school, life was normal. You know. We stayed in Lincoln City, Oregon, in a motel right on the beach. It was wonderful. One day we drove along the coast to Depot Bay and I think it was on the way back that we pulled into this spot along the highway where you could look out over the ocean. It kind of jutted out and there were coves on either side. We were all just goofing around, watching the waves, my ex was videotaping the kids, usual vacation antics. My youngest son was sitting on a fence post looking out over the ocean when all of a sudden I heard him yell, "Whales! Look, whales!!" I'll never forget the excitement and awe in his 11 year old voice. We all ran to look, and sure enough we saw the water spouts and the tails as they went back under. I think there were just two. We watched for a long time, trying to get a good picture and then we realized that one of them had swum right into the cove alongside the pull-off. She came to the surface and it was like she was checking us out. I could plainly see the barnacles crusting her head and as she rolled to go back under I was staring right into her eye and she was staring back at me. I have never felt so close to nature and the Creator before or since. For those who have the opportunity to view whales all the time, this may seem like no big deal. But for a land lubber from Kansas who was seeing an ocean and all things of the ocean for the first time it was a once in a lifetime experience. I have since visited the Atlantic Ocean, been to Sea World in Florida, visited the Gulf at Galveston and sailed alongside dolphins in Galveston Bay, but nothing compares to that split-second communion between me and that gray whale off the coast of Oregon.

So there it is, my whale tale.


GrandmaMarilyn said...

Being in communion with nature like that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I love being close to nature when I have the chance and watching the whales out in the ocean is a great, wonderful event.

Melody Marie Murray said...

What a wonderful story, thank you so much! We live only a few hours from the Oregon coast, and I have seen the gray whales there but never, ever that close. What a gift you were given.

Also, thank you for the kind words about my bracelet!

BeadsForever said...

Great story and well told! What a wonderful thing to have seen.

Marlaine said...

That is an awesome story! Being someone who lives on the ocean where we often see whales passing by, and having been on boats in among the whales, I have to say that the thrill of seeing them never wears off. They are amazing creatures!

Karen Gill said...

What an incredible blessing to have been given. Wow!