Saturday, August 2, 2008

Busy Beading Week

Seems like since joining Etsy and EBW, I've become more active with my jewelry making. Before, I would make a piece here and there but then a month or so before a show, I'd panic and start beading like crazy. Very stressful, but somehow I'd manage to have enough inventory by the time the show rolled around even though I do the same thing with my floral designs. Etsy and EBW constantly inspire me to be more creative. Just this last week, I've finished three watches, two necklaces and started on a third. This afternoon, alone, I've designed and built four floral arrangements. Wish I could do beadweaving as fast! My first show of the fall season is Sept. 19 and 20. Oh my gosh, that's not much more than 6 weeks away. Guess I've done it again, in spite of everything! Okay, panic mode engaged. Back to beading!

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