Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Can't Believe I Beaded the Whole Thing!

Did you ever snip that last thread or wire or close the last jump ring on a piece, then hold it up to look at it and then think, "Wow, did I do that? There must have been some bead fairy that came in and took control of my fingers or something because I can't believe I did all that beautiful work." Well, that's the way I feel about my latest piece. It turned out so perfect, just the way I had envisioned it in my head when I started the first bead in the spiral. Which is strange, because it just sort of evolved (as do most of my best pieces). I found this art glass pendant at a bead store and fell in love with the colors. It reminded me of flowers and fall. I had to laugh when I got it home and looked at the description printed on the card and it called it a star fish. Still looks flowery to me. I delved into my stash of seed beads and Czech firepolish beads to find colors to go with and came up with olive, brown and root beer (don't you love the name!) seed beads and metallic apricot, light bronze, bronze and iris brown firepolish. I used the olive for the spine in the spiral because it's the background color in the pendant and worked the other colors around it. I didn't want any silver on it, which is what I usually use for fasteners, so I made a beaded ball and loop closure. Autumn Star Flower is what I chose to name it. I had also found two smaller "star flowers" that matched so there are also Autumn Star Flower earrings. Don't you just love it when stuff just all comes together!


GrandmaMarilyn said...

Love them, Debra. And, yes, I do sometimes feel that way.

Kim said...

I know exactly what you mean!! :)