Friday, July 4, 2008

A new twist

Several months ago I bought all these wonderful seed and bugle beads from a gal who had listed them on Craig's List. She bought them from a formal wear boutique that had gone out of business. I have had many pleasurable hours sorting and then working with those beads. Included were these beautiful midnight blue bugles. I wanted to use them in a special way but struggled to come up with something. Finally, I went back to my tried and true cabochons. I had one that was deep enough that I could weave the bugles into the bezel; it made sort of a crown effect which I really like. Then for the chain - spiral, I thought, using the bugles in the spiral. Again, I really liked the results. I think the whole finished piece turned out quite nice and I still have tons of those gorgeous dark blue bugles to play with! I used to be afraid of working with bugles because they always cut my thread, but since I've discovered fireline, I get much better results.
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GrandmaMarilyn said...

Another lovely creation. I love this one too.