Thursday, August 21, 2008


It's been a while since I've posted. Been busy with life, the good and the not so good. Have two loved ones right now with health issues and naturally, that is worrisome. One will have resolution soon but the other will not, primarily due to lack of health insurance. I will help what I can, but it will be a struggle to put together the money so treatment can be obtained. My job has been very stressful for a while now and I feel I'm burning out. What keeps me sane and keeping on is my family and my art. My grandson "graduated" from Early Headstart this week at the ripe old age of 3. We had a lovely evening in our little local park and zoo, eating pizza and cupcakes and watching the kids all get their pictures taken in a little cap and gown. Ashton was not too keen on wearing the cap or gown but he had a blast looking at the animals and running with the other children. His sister's favorite part was her cupcake. Emily's 10 months and managed to get more frosting on her face than in her mouth! Of course, Grandma got pictures.

Then there's my beads and my floral work. I finally got my September challenge piece done this past week and I am very proud of it. I feel it's one of the best pieces I've ever done. Evidently, others think so too, because I have received so many compliments from people who have seen it. In fact, this evening when I logged in to Etsy (after a Very long day at work) I found two convos waiting for me. Convos are always very exciting! The first was from someone inquiring if I would make a custom wreath. Evidently, they liked my Kansas Color wreath well enough to get in touch with me. Of course, I responded in the affirmative so we'll see where that leads. Hopefully, to a sale and a satisfied customer. The second convo was from a fellow EBW'er and even though it was not about a sale, it probably lifted my spirits as much or more than a sale. She convo'd me just to tell me how much she admired my Tears of Joy and was very lavish in her compliments. I've looked at the things in her shop and she has some pretty amazing things herself, so I considered this high praise, indeed. To receive the recognition of ones peers is something I think we all strive for as designers and artists. I'm going to try to follow her example and when I see something that really moves me, I'm going to make the extra effort to let that person know. I know I'm going to be riding high for a while because someone took the time to share with me. Thanks!


GrandmaMarilyn said...

I am glad that you received that message to uplift your spirits, Debra. We don't let others know that we appreciate their work. That is why I always let people in my treasuries know and also tell them how much I love their work. I have been known to let people know when I really love their work by sending a convo to them.

By the way, your work is so intensive that I would never be able to do work as beautiful as yours. I feel lucky to get what I do done. I have just started designing and hope to someday get more intrinsic but doubt I will ever reach your level of beauty.

SarahKelley said...

I loved your take on the theme! Ingenious!

Dawn N said...

Your piece is gorgeous. Good luck in the challenge.

The first time I entered a challenge I also got a convo praising my entry. I had only been in EBW for a month and my piece was pretty basic compared to most of the other entries. It really made me feel good that someone took the time to send me a private message telling me they liked my work. We should all try to do that more often.

PinkPoochDesigns said...

Perfect for the theme,love the colors!

It's just beautiful!